Leadership Development Programme

Programme Schedule

Month 1 - Workshop 1: Understanding Leadership Styles (Full Day)

Participants will understand how Leadership styles differ; gain insight into their own style and the strengths and weaknesses of it and areas for future focus. Powered through Everything DISC© The Work of Leaders, participants will be able to compare and contrast their own approach with the others in the group.

Month 2 - Coaching Session 1: Profile review, 360° Feedback and objective setting (2 hours)

Participants will get one to one coaching on their 360° feedback, powered through Everything DISC© The Work of Leaders 363; how this relates to their Leadership profile; and areas for focus for the next 12 months

Month 3 - Workshop 2: Strategy (Full Day)

Participants will gain a broad understanding on the topic of strategy; review their understanding of their own organisations strategic plan; and evaluate their teams’ role in delivering it.

Month 4 – One to One Coaching session 2 (1½ hours)

Month 5 – Workshop 3: Objective Setting & Delegation (Full Day)

Strategy without execution is a wishlist; participants will look at different approaches to objective setting; learn about the process of delegation; and review their own team KPI’s

Month 6 – One to One Coaching session 3 (1½ hours)

Month 7 – Workshop 4: Team Development (Full Day)

Utilising the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team© model, participants will learn the fundamentals required to ensure and effective team and assess their own teams’ behaviours.

Month 8 – One to One Coaching session 4 (1½ hours)

Month 9 – Workshop 5: Demystifying Finance (Full Day)

Participants will learn how to interpret key financial statements; understand their role in influencing them; and assess key actions they can take to positively impact their own organisations financial KPI’s.

Month 10 – One to One Coaching session 5 (1½ hours)

Month 11 – Workshop 6: Change Management (Full Day)

Participants will gain an understanding of the broad range theory relating to change management; compare and contrast approaches; and assess the method that best fits their leadership style and organisational needs.

Month 12 – One to One Coaching session 6 (1½ hours)

Month 13 - Coaching Session 7: Profile review, 360° Feedback and objective setting (2 hours)

Participants will get one to one coaching on their second 360° feedback,; assess their progress against objectives; and areas for focus for the future

Price £4,525 + VAT for full programme

Origins of the Programme

Leadership is a wide ranging topic and comes in many guises, from Executive Coaching to an MBA, with commitments ranging from 2 hours of conversation, to years of study. But what really works? If effective leadership is a fundamental foundation for organisational success, how do we invest in our current and future leaders in the most cost effective (in terms of both time and money) way?

This was the challenge that we at the Leadership Academy have been researching for the last three years, the culmination of which is The Leadership Development Programme.


The programme combines both intrapersonal (leader development focusing on the individual leader) and interpersonal (leadership capacity development in a group environment). What’s that in English? There are two aspects to our approach; the first focuses on the individual, their approaches, behaviours and thought processes; the second develops more technical skills and introduces the opportunity to learn and share with peers. Extensive research (D.V. Day et al) in the field has shown that programs that combine both of these aspects best deliver effective, long-term improvements in leadership. The use of 360° feedback has shown to help people systematically understand the impact of their behaviour on others. Further more, research has shown (Seifert and Yuki, 2010) that the administration of two feedback interventions has the ability to improve leader effectiveness more so than a single intervention, regardless of the initial capability of the individual.

The role of the sponsoring organisation

Merely assuming that giving a leader feedback and development will result in behavioural change and ultimately improved team and organisational performance, is overly simplistic. Our leaders do not operate in a vacuum; their reactions and implementation will vary as a function of the organisational culture, openness, innovation and support of their developmental efforts.

It is for this reason, that we require the support of an internal executive sponsor for the individual before acceptance onto the program.

Participating group

Openness and honesty are vital in the workshop sessions to ensure that participants are able to gain maximum value from the group work. Consequently, confidentiality is guaranteed by each member of the group and strict rules apply to ensure that participants from competing organisations are not assigned into the same group.

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