You’ve made it! You're a manager, a head of department, a director. You are a leader.

Great, but where’s the handbook? Everyone just expects you to ‘know’ how to lead.

You have the accountability and responsibility, but do you have the knowledge?

Becoming a leader is both awesome and terrifying in equal measure.

Leading people is HARD.


Most money is spent on leadership training. 

A day out of the office and all of a sudden

you're an amazing leader? No.

Training is not development.


Training is one directional. One size fits all.

Development requires dialogue and interaction;

coaching and mentoring; experimentation and analysis.

It takes time.

Welcome to our uniquely designed, Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

Do you want to:

  • Accelerate your growth as a leader?

  • Broaden your business perspective and strategic vision? 

  • Lead cross-functional initiatives and high-impact teams?

  • Drive change and innovation across your organisation, industry and borders? 

Create your competitive advantage at the DKS Leadership Academy. Our next program starts in April 2020.

Why is leadership important?

Leadership is a wide ranging topic and comes in many guises. But what really works? If effective leadership is a fundamental foundation for organisational success, how do we invest in our current and future leaders in the most cost (time and money) effective way?

This was the challenge that the DKS Leadership Academy has been researching for the last three years…

Why choose the LDP?


The programme combines intrapersonal (leader development focusing on the individual leader) and interpersonal (leadership capacity development in a group environment).

What’s that in English? We look at the individual, their approaches, behaviours and thought processes; then develop more technical skills and introduce the opportunity to learn and share with peers.

Research shows that programmes combining both of these aspects best deliver effective, long-term improvements in leadership and that two feedback interventions has the ability to improve leader effectiveness more so than a single intervention, regardless of the initial capability.

Designed to expand your leadership skills, mindset and network, LDP requires just six days away from the office over the course of thirteen months. A thirteen-month programme creates the opportunity to build close relationships with a select group of executives who understand your challenges but provide fresh viewpoints. It's not a one-day tick the leadership development box. Coaching is highly integrated into the programme. Through one-on-one coaching, assessments, and peer feedback, your Executive Coach can help you realise your true leadership potential.

"I'd recommend Dianne to any professional that wants to progress.
She's that objective and experienced confidante that you need
to keep you pushing forward and striving for the next level"
Raman Sehgal, CEO, Ramarketing Ltd​

Who should join?

LDP has been designed for those specialists and star contributors in the business who now have increased leadership responsibilities.

The programme is also ideal for managers who span business functions and levels, from project leaders to business unit managers.

The LDP accelerates your leadership development. With a broader understanding of business operations and the wider marketplace, you will emerge a more confident leader and decision-maker. With a stronger grasp of complex organisational challenges, you will be ready to build and lead high performing teams and spearhead cross-functional initiatives that drive innovation and generate growth.

Delegate profile:

  • In a leadership position with responsibility for a team.

  • Have executive-level sponsorship within your organisation. 

  • No specific educational pre-requisites; qualification by experience is equally valid. 

  • Be open and honest in the workshop sessions to ensure that participants are able to gain maximum value from the group work. 

NB. Confidentiality is guaranteed by each member of the group and strict rules apply to ensure that participants from competing organisations are not assigned into the same group.

How It Works

The LDP curriculum includes six (bi-monthly) highly integrated modules all based in a peer group classroom setting at the DKS Leadership Academy where you will develop a tactical action plan for delivery of your strategic objectives.


Each module is followed by a personalised one-on-one session

(7 x bi-monthly) with your Executive coach during which, you will develop and implement a personal development plan to hone your leadership skills


The LPD curriculum overview:

Module 1: Understanding Leadership Styles

Module 2: Strategy

Module 3: Objective Setting & Delegation

Module 4: Team Development

Module 5: Demystifying Finance

Module 6: Change Management

Participants are also comprehensively evaluated both before and after the program, utilising Everything DISC© The Work of Leaders and 363° assessments.


before our next LDP starts on May 19th. Contact us NOW for availability, pricing and more details. 

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