Let's be honest. We all really want 'growth' and 'success' to mean increased bottom line and selling more stuff. Don't we? But those of us who have been in business for a few years and have experienced the growing pains of scaling up, know that none of that happens overnight nor does it happen single-handled.


Without robust systems and processes, developing the right people, strategic planning and implementation alongside a healthy dose of emotional intelligence and a bit of support from our peers (both internal and external) we simply will not achieve sustainable success. 

DKS Straightforward and its Leadership Academy unlocks the potential in your people and processes with a range of:

executive coaching, strategic consultancy and online instant enrolment courses

Along with personal and team training and development programs that are run as both open courses in our specially designed learning environment or as bespokein-house solutions.


Choose from peer to peer group sessions with key speakers in our Leadership Bootcamp, a longer term personal development commitment with our Leadership Development Program or shorter day or half day session around strategy, finance or teamwork and many others. 

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Leadership Bootcamp

Leadership Bootcamp is designed for CEO's,Managing Directors and Owner Managers who are committed to keeping their Strategic Plans in shape. The Bootcamp utilises a combination of inspiring speakers and peer to peer challenge to test the robustness and progress of the strategic development of your business. In a trusting, non-competitive environment, leaders work together using their collective knowledge and experience.

Bootcamp is composed of four, quarterly, full day meetings. 

Leadership Development Program


LDP is designed for specialists and star contributors who have increased leadership responsibilities. The program is also ideal for managers who span business functions and levels, from project leaders to business unit managers. The program accelerates your leadership development delivering a broader understanding of business operations and the wider marketplace. Participants emerge as more confident leaders and decision-makers. With a stronger grasp of complex organisational challenges, they are ready to build and lead high performing teams and spearhead cross-functional initiatives that drive innovation and generate growth. 

LDP is composed of six modules presented over thirteen months, interspersed with one to one Executive Coaching. 

Thinkific Courses​​


The Leadership Academy is your one stop for a wide range of online courses and instant signup. The courses are designed to be challenging and ensure that the participant graduates the course with a clear understanding of the topic and a path to continue their development. 

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