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I’m a D-style and I’m struggling….

Words by Justine Joisce, Head of Marketing.

I haven’t tested positive for the virus so I can only make assumptions on the symptoms I have experienced. But after three weeks of the dry cough, zero energy, breathlessness.etc, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it. Don’t worry this isn’t a ‘poor me’ blog. I’m fine. I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’m not going to pretend I’ve been on a huge journey of self-discovery either. In truth, sometimes just getting out of bed and binge-watching Netflix was a challenge and yes, I did indulge in the entire bizarre world of Tiger King. Other days I slept. Stared out of the window. Slept again.

Social platforms are full of how businesses are coping during these ‘unprecedented times’. The virtual team quiz night on a Friday, the MD who has had to find ways of motivating and connecting with remote workers and the remote workers themselves, who are lost because they’re missing the office banter and human interaction. All valid. All human-interest insights.

This pandemic has forced us to embrace change with very little warning. Change is scary and we all deal with change differently. Some hide from it, some lean into it. It’s the basic fight or flight reaction. But why do some deal with it differently and how can we help those who may be struggling with it?

The answer: take time to understand yourself better and those around you. Not just colleagues either. This works for friends and family too. Sounds easy, right? Yes, it really is.

As a certified Everything DiSC facilitator, people-reading is a skill I’ve honed. The Everything DiSC de-coder is a tried and tested psychological practice with a 95% satisfaction rate across over eight million global users. Every workshop I’ve been part of always has an ‘a-ha’ moment from learners. A moment of realisation that feels so insightful that it’s a kind of awakening.

Not only do delegates describe the full personalised reports as ‘seeing into their soul’, ‘a kind of catharsis’ or ‘therapy’ but they also see their peers, clients…..(and sometimes even their partners!) in a different light. A deeper, intuitive, understanding. Like someone has given you a pair of glasses that allows you to truly ‘see’ a person. It’s powerful.

If you can look at yourself, warts and all and can appreciate the differences between yourself and those around you, communicating becomes easier. Change becomes easier. Working as a team becomes easier. Stronger.

I am a D style. I’m not afraid to admit, I’ve been struggling to cope with this virus mentally as well as physically.

D stands for Dominance in Everything DiSC styles and key traits include being results driven, direct, commanding. When you are no longer in control, have no energy to do anything and brain fog that reduces any clarity of thinking to mush, it’s VERY frustrating! There have been tears. There have been angry outbursts. There have also been ‘to-do’ lists for my long-suffering family, ha! If I can’t get the stuff done then someone needs to do it, right?!

I’m lucky I work with a fantastic team who have given me the space to heal. I’m aware that they’ve had to deal with some real challenges to keep our small business going. I’ve had to resign myself to the fact that I can’t be involved, that I can’t be in the middle of it all, making decisions, having opinions, getting results. But my Everything DiSC experience has taught me to recognise my stressors as well as my motivators and accept that it’s ok to be me. More importantly though, my colleagues also know.

Remote working isn’t new. Virtual team management isn’t new. Communication and human behaviour aren’t new. Change isn’t new.

But this pandemic is shining the spotlight on an opportunity. An opportunity for us all to understand and appreciate the world a little better. Why not start with yourself and your peers?

DKS Straightforward Ltd is the only authorised Everything DiSC partner in the North East of England.

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