Originally coined Blue Monday as the result of a PR stunt from Sky Travel in 2005, the third Monday in January is now considered the most depressing day of the year and it’s no surprise as to why. 

With Christmas a distant memory, dark nights kicking in from mid-afternoon and a strict detox plan lacking sugar and alcohol, January is hardly the most exciting month in the calendar. However, it is an important month to drive change ahead of a brand new year.

Blue Monday’s stark reminder of how gloomy January is, is also an ideal time for employers to evaluate their people and working environment. At a time where the typical working environment is constantly changing, whether that’s staff members evolving to adopting different working styles or the introduction of more agile solutions for everyday tasks, it couldn’t be more important to ensure that your employees are happy in the workplace beyond Blue Monday.

When specifically looking at creating a more positive working environment, ensuring you have an inclusive and collaborative company culture is key. Our CEO and founder, Dianne Sharp, reveals three top tips to ensure your team are happy and on the same page to drive your business forward.

Embrace the culture catalyst 

With hundreds of organisations out there vying to attract the best staff, developing your workplace culture is becoming more crucial. Poor company culture costs the UK economy £23.6 billion per year but it isn't impossible to start making a change. 

By addressing a toxic culture such as a team that may not be communicating well, you can work towards creating a more positive working environment for everyone. Applications such as Everything DiSC, a learning experience based on the DiSC model that aims to promote a more engaged and collaborative workforce to spark culture improvement in organisations, can even help your team to understand themselves and others more.

Invest in your people

Your people are at the heart of your business and by fostering a working environment where employees can grow professionally, you can keep your top talent for longer. 

Providing clear professional development programmes for career progression, setting your employees achievable goals and offering training to develop skills can all go a long way in boosting a positive mindset and creating a happier team that are willing to grow with you.

Operate an ‘open door’ policy 

As a business owner or manager it can be easy to fixate on the day-to-day tasks at hand, which can result in isolating yourself from your team. 

According to management consultancy company McKinsey and Company, the demand for social and emotional skills will rise by 24% by the year 2030 meaning it’s a good time to start having that face-to-face with employees, both for your mental wellbeing and so that your team know you are there to support them.

Consider operating an open door policy at set times, or all the time if possible, to remove any barriers between you and the rest of the team so you can discuss any issues or challenges before they grow. Providing that freedom to communicate and level of transparency between you and your team is great for building trust. 


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